Austin Film ToursTexas Chainsaw Massacre

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Tour

Journey to actual set locations from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre in 1974 (TCM 74), TCM2 86, TCM 03/06 films. This approximately 7 hour tour will allow time to stop and take pictures and pick up lunch at the original TCM house that is now a full restaurant. We also stop at the TCM house from the remakes renamed the Hewitt House. You will be driven in a comfortable 14 passenger van equipped with video depicting each scene from the movie prior to arriving. This tour is by appointment only.

Price is $60 per person

Stops Include:

  • Cut Rite Saws TCM 86'
  • Opening Cemetery scene TCM 74'
  • Sawyer House TCM 74"
  • Old Crawford Mill TCM 03/06'
  • Hewitt House TCM 03/06'
  • Butcher/slaughter shop TCM 03/06'
  • The bridge scene TCM 2 86'
  • The Sawyer BBQ/gas station TCM 74'

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